Innovation Series No 8 - Fingers crossed, it's time for the Staff Survey

Date added 01 November 2016
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Staff Satisfaction Survey

Staff Satisfaction Survey

Well the annual staff survey is coming up.

It doesn’t seem five minutes since you got the results of the last one.

Better remind yourself of what the staff survey results said.

Where we were doing well and where were the results in need of improvement?

Now what did we say we were going to do to improve the results this year?

Where is the action plan and who was given responsibility for doing what?

Better get an update, so the email goes out asking your managers what they’ve done to deliver the action plan.

You get an impressive list of things, they tell you:

  • Communication has been improved.
  • Personal development reviews are being carried out, and
  • Training has been delivered.

Now you’ve done everything possible to influence the timing of the survey to give yourself the best chance of getting the best possible results.

You’ve delayed the latest announcement on redundancies, you’ve bought cakes for your employees and the sun is shining outside its all looking good.

So you draft a nice covering letter for the staff survey.

“Dear valued employee remember what you said in the last staff survey well these are all the things we’ve done about them to make you feel more engaged, more appreciated and feel like we believe you are really important part of what we do and what we achieve.”Staff Satisfaction Survey

And of course none of this is an attempt to influence the scores on the doors.


It’s a nail biting time waiting for the results to come in you really aren’t that confident that the “temperature” of the organisation will have improved and that there will be a direct link between the action taken and the results you receive.

You prepare a list of excuses … well external influences you had no control over … It’s the economic climate, its because we are going through change and uncertainty, oh not to mention the local football team has just been relegated.

And so the cycle goes around year after year.

Employee engagement and innovation remain two of the biggest challenges faced by all organisations today.

Only around 1/3rd of employees are actively engaged in the workplace.

This is despite the clear evidence to show that organisations who engage their employees effectively are more profitable, have greater growth, higher levels of customer satisfaction, more innovative, lower staff turnover and lower sickness absence.

We can help

We can help in a practical and tangible way.

Your employees will know immediately that things are going to be different around here.

Our approach goes beyond what snapshot surveys can achieve by embedding continuous improvement into employee's day to day workings.

Staff will begin to feel they can influence things between the annual surveys and see real changes happening around them right as a result, be they to smooth some little irksome issues or to resolve some bigger challenges.

You can begin to reap the rewards of having a fully engaged workforce.

We are working with a number of organisations to embed innovation through engagement; a key driver for organisational success; using an award winning approach to:

  • Agree objectives, priorities and success criteria
  • Introduce our ideas and innovation software platform
  • Support employees and encourage everyone to participate
  • Establish internal arrangements to filter (triage) ideas
  • Agree a system for approval, feedback and implementation of ideas
  • Put in place an appropriate system for employee recognition and rewards

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